ANU: Executive Lounge

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$60 day pass, free with some premium credit cards.
Location: in the Main Terminal- post-security, turn left, enter near Gate 1..
Visited: 11/24/17

The lounge was spacious and quiet, with local art surrounding the open plan interior. Upon entering, we were greeted warmly by the attendant, who informed us that our PriorityPass membership gave us access to a selection of free snacks and beverages.

Once escorted to a seat our our choosing, she disappeared into the kitchen and returned with sparkling water and a small plate of fruits, cheese, and other finger snacks.

It’s worth noting that this lounge has a rather sunny outdoor porch deck, which provided an opportunity for some planespotting, (we saw a Liat ATR-72) although most of the view was the maintenance side of the airport.

The main wall of this lounge runs horizontally across the width of the terminal building, and is not completely closed to the surrounding gate- some noise trickled through, but not enough to discourage much needed sleep from our party.

Having access through our Chase Sapphire Reserve card made it a no-brainer- this lounge was very good, and a great way to relax before our trip home.

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